The COMPTOIR AGRICOLE is committed to the ongoing development of hop growing in Alsace, with one unwavering objective: to enhance the quality of the fine, aromatic hops of Alsace

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Press media... Fine Hops Alsace in famous Bavarian Lager from Horst Dornbush
The hops of Alsace are honored by Horst Dornbush in the New Brewer of April 2017 during his famous Bavarian Session Lagers.Lager style is less popular on communication networks, but...
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The CBC (Craft Brewers Conference) for 2017 took place in April in WASHINGTON DC – USA.
Francis HEITZ, Val PEACKOCK and Antoine WUCHNER presented the Alsatian aromatic varieties and the “FLAVOR” range which includes BARBE ROUGE and the new MISTRAL.The 13,000 participants were won over by...
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