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Technical characteristics of the Sladek hops variety

This variety was developed in the Czech Republic as a cross between the Northern Brewer and Saaz hop varieties. It was registered in 1994.
Its aroma is reminscent of the Saaz variety (herbal, green, spicy), with citrus notes, and higher levels of alpha acids.



Alpha acid6-8.1 %
Cohumulone20.5-30 %
Beta acids4-4.6 %
Colupulone47 %
Total Oil1.5-2 ml/100 grams
Myrcene40-50 %
Humulene20-30 %
Monoterpene50.3 %
Sesquiterpene49.7 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene2.7-3.5 %
Linalool7 mg/100 grams

Aromatic qualities Sladek

Map of Sladek hop variety producers

Sladek is produced exclusively at the Agricultural College in Obernai and using only organic cultivation.



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