CAH attends the 7th AMBQ in Montreal - November 2016

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After two years of absence, Comptoir Agricole was present once again at this Quebec micro-brewers' event, held in Quebec.


The number of participants is steadily increasing compared to previous years, reflecting the dynamic nature of this sector.

Francis HEITZ and Antoine WUCHNER were pleased to meet with several clients with whom we have been forging strong commercial ties over the past years.

Our distributor (David CARRIERE) took the opportunity of making many new contacts.


Brewing trends are changing. The stars remain, meaning wonderful beers with a low alcohol content (3.7% to 5.5%), but with fine hop blends, or strong beers (9% and above), and acidic beers combining steeped fruit (cherries,...) are picking up significantly.

This conference was also an opportunity to present the MISTRAL and BARBE ROUGE varieties.


Comptoir Agricole invited participants to taste an IPA, the “French Touch” with MISTRAL (Hop pellet and oil), and a touch of BARBE ROUGE, brewed for this occasion by the Charlevoix Brewery in Baie St Paul – Quebec.

We had interesting discussions with "new farmers” of Canadian hop, who produce and process their production for the local market. To date, there are 39 ha of hop and real prospects for growth (objective for 2018: 55 ha).



Quebec City

Nicolas MARRANT (Charlevoix Brewery) tasting the "French Touch"

David CARRIERE (left) with brewers

Philippe WOUTERS (Bières et Plaisirs) presenting the “beer and special dish” combinations served at mealtime

David CARRIERE at work

"Sniffing" hop at the stand

General overview of the conference

Philippe WOUTERS and Francis HEITZ (CAH) at the gala dinner

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