1664 | Strisselspalt Hop

Published : 08/8/2017 10:28:12 Categories : Beer References

Kronenbourg 1664 : Originally from Alsace

Highlights the Alsace hop Strisselspalt   


Kronenbourg 1664 is a blond beer of great origins which is characterized by a very fine taste.


Its golden color and fine bitterness come from a selection of the best Strisselspalt hops and from the unique French Brewmasters’ know how, which have been transmitted for over 300 years. 


FoamDense and adherent. Good retaining head. Delicate bubbles. Creamy color.

Brilliant yellow robe.

Smellmedium intensity. Mainly malt and floral hops. Attractive aromas of macerated yellow fruits (Apricot and Mirabelle). Yeast, honey, banana and Pepper notes.  

AromaIntense strength. Malt and hops. Aromas of macerated ripe fruits. Liquorice, preserved lemon, honey and grey pepper notes.

Taste: generous and well enhanced bitterness. Good balance between sweet and sour savours. Soft and dense texture. Fine sparkling of small bubbles.




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‘’Brasseries Kronenbourg"






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