Hop Fuggle whole hops


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Traditional variety of England, this Fuggle is just made for your beer ! So British ! Give it some european touch.

  • Bittering: No
  • Aromatic: Yes
  • Organic: No
  • Alpha (in %): 4.11 %
  • Harvest year: 2016
  • Hop type: Cones
Fuggle whole hops

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Frequently Asked Questions All Q&A

When are hops harvested?

In the northern hemisphere, the harvest season starts at the end of August for early harvest varieties, and goes through to the end of September for late harvest varieties.

What does the alpha acid level mean?

Alpha acid levels indicate the bittering capacity to the hop cone. Its concentration levels in the cones can vary from 2 to 20%.

What are the storage conditions for hops?

The ideal storage temperature is  5°C (41°F)

How should the hops be stored once the bag is opened?

Extract as much air as possible, and store the hops in the refrigerator. It is possible to freeze hops.

What does high quality hops imply?

 For the Comptoir Agricole, "high quality" hops implies that the hop drying process has been carried out with care (not too dry so that the aromatic properties are intact, and not too humid to avoid early rotting); that the hops are disease-free; that the hops are clean; and that they have good color. Growers are paid based on how their harvests measure up to these quality criteria. Brewers have the right to expect that these standards are met. They are able to verify the quality of the hops in person by trying samples.

Technical characteristics of the Fuggle hops variety

Fuggle is an english variety bred between 1971 and 1875 by Richard Fuggle. It became the main english variety in England till the middle of the fifties. Its aroma is both floral and spicy



Alpha acids4,6-5,1 %
Cohumulone25-30 %
Beta acids2-3 %
Colupulone45-50 %
Total oils0,5-1 ml/100 g
Myrcene26-34 %
Humulene30-35 %
Monoterpenes38-40 %
Sesquiterpenes60-62 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene2,8-3,5

Fuggle aroma profil

Beer recipes

No recipe for the moment.

Map of Fuggle hop variety producers

33 hectares (84 acres) are dedicated to Fuggle production in the plains of the Alsace region.