Hop Fuggle whole hops

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Traditional variety of England, this Fuggle is just made for your beer ! So British ! Give it some european touch.

  • Bittering: No
  • Aromatic: Yes
  • Organic: No
  • Alpha (in %): 4.11 %
  • Harvest year: 2016
  • Hop type: Cones
Fuggle whole hops

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Frequently Asked Questions All Q&A

What is the smallest pack size that you offer for your hops?

All the pellets sold by the Comptoir Agricole are available in pack sizes of 500g, 1kg  and 5kgs (1.1 lbs, 2.2 lbs, and 11 lbs). Cones are available in 1kg or 4kg (2.2 lb or 8.8 lb) pack sizes. All the products have been packed in aluminum bags, and under modified atmosphere, to keep them fresh.

Is it mandatory to use organic hops in an organic beer?

As soon as the organic version of hop variety becomes available, it is necessary to produce an organic beer using the hop with the organic variety.

What is the difference between organic hops and conventionally farmed hops?

Organic hop farming is based on not using synthetic products. Biomass manure, natural pest control and frequent manual checking are some of the practices used instead.

Are the organic hops treated with pest control products?

All the pest control products used are natural, and are based on plant and mineral extracts.

What is CO2 Extract?

CO2 Extract is a semi-liquid paste that is obtained by putting hops under pressure using carbon dioxide, which also acts as a natural solvent.

Technical characteristics of the Fuggle hops variety

Fuggle is an english variety bred between 1971 and 1875 by Richard Fuggle. It became the main english variety in England till the middle of the fifties. Its aroma is both floral and spicy



Alpha acids4,6-5,1 %
Cohumulone25-30 %
Beta acids2-3 %
Colupulone45-50 %
Total oils0,5-1 ml/100 g
Myrcene26-34 %
Humulene30-35 %
Monoterpenes38-40 %
Sesquiterpenes60-62 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene2,8-3,5

Fuggle aroma profil

Beer recipes

No recipe for the moment.

Map of Fuggle hop variety producers

33 hectares (84 acres) are dedicated to Fuggle production in the plains of the Alsace region.



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