Hop Aramis whole hops

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For purists, hop cones represent Aramis in its most natural state and bring out the quintessence of what the Aramis hop variety has to offer. The cones are used primarily in cold hopping.

  • Bittering: Yes
  • Aromatic: Yes
  • Organic: No
  • Alpha (in %): 6.20 %
  • Harvest year: 2016
  • Hop type: Cones
Aramis whole hops

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Frequently Asked Questions All Q&A

What does high quality hops imply?

 For the Comptoir Agricole, "high quality" hops implies that the hop drying process has been carried out with care (not too dry so that the aromatic properties are intact, and not too humid to avoid early rotting); that the hops are disease-free; that the hops are clean; and that they have good color. Growers are paid based on how their harvests measure up to these quality criteria. Brewers have the right to expect that these standards are met. They are able to verify the quality of the hops in person by trying samples.

How should the hops be stored once the bag is opened?

Extract as much air as possible, and store the hops in the refrigerator. It is possible to freeze hops.

Where can I get organic hops?

The Comptoir Agricole has included a range of organic hops since September 2012, starting with  Aramis and Brewers Gold. Organically grown hops of the Strisselspalt, Triskel, Tradition, Premiant, Sladek, Nugget varieties will also be available from 2013.

How can I estimate the quantity of hops that I need to add to my brew?

The volume of hops required depends on the desired bitterness, on the alpha acid levels of the variety used and the timing of the hops addition in the brewing process. Our site has a calculator that indicates what volumes you would need, depending on the parameters you choose. Beers today typically have 4 gr Alpha/hl, which imparts bitterness, when hops are added early. Hops that are added late in the brewing process express aromas and can complement bitterness levels.

What makes your hops different from the others?

Alsace hops are distinguished by a high level of quality that is maintained through the production process. This results in an absence from disease and impurities, and ensures a carefully controlled drying process. The varieties express fine aromas which impart a distinctive character to the beers that are brewed using Alsace hops.

Technical characteristics of the Aramis hops variety

Aramis is the product of a 2002 cross between the French variety Strisselspalt and the English variety WGV (Whitbread Golding Variety).
Aramis has very fine aromas, which it has inherited from the Strisselspalt line. It has sweet, spicy notes, with hints of citrus and herbs.
Its aroma and alpha acid content allow it to be used at all stages of hopping.



Alpha acid7.9-8.3 %
Beta acids3.8-4.5 %
Colupulone42.1-42.2 %
Total Oil1.2-1.6 mls/100 grams
Myrcene40 %
Humulene21 %
Monoterpene46 %
Sesquiterpene54 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene2.55 %
Linalool12-16 mg/100 grams

Hops Aroma Profile Aramis

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Map of Aramis hop variety producers

Aramis is grown and harvested in Alsace, France, and is capable of weathering hot summers and cold winters. A sub-continental climate does not adversely affect this variety. Slightly over 50 hectares (124 acres) are in production, with just under 1 hectare or 2.5 acres dedicated to organic cultivation, as of the 2013 harvest.



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