A new challenge. The most recent creation of the French varietal research program. Bouclier offers another possible approach for the use of French hops.

Category Aromatic Quality


Pepper, Lovage, Garlic, Nutmeg, Ginger

Technical features

Bouclier (French for shield), is a 2005 cross variety between Strisselspalt hops grown in Sessenheim, Alsace (France); and a male plant grown in Wye, Kent (UK).
Wye Challenger, Early Bird Golding and Northern Brewer are all part of its geneology. Bouclier has a combination of French and English aromas: fruit, citrus, herbs, spices and esters, which allows it bring a French touch to English-style beers.

Houblon Bouclier
Alpha acid3.8-6 %
Beta acids2.4-3.3 %
Coluplone42-47 %
Total Oil1.1-1.6ml/100g
Myrcene38 %
Humulene34 %
Monoterpene46 %
Sesquiterpene54 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene3.4 %
Linalool7.8 mg/100g

Producer of hops Bouclier

Bouclier is a small scale variety that is currently being tested by 10 producers who are carefully following its progress over 6 hectares (15 acres). The expertise and critical attention brought by these producers is essential to the development of this variety.

nb hectare : 6

6 Hectares

Hops growers Bouclier in Alsace

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