Hop Strisselspalt T45

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The T90 pellet of the Strisselspalt hop variety yields all the aromas potential of the original Strisselspalt cones. The pellet format allows for optimized transportation and storage, and is easier to use.

  • Bittering: No
  • Aromatic: Yes
  • Organic: No
  • Alpha (in %): 3.0 %
  • Harvest year: 2015
  • Hop type: T45 Pellets
Strisselspalt T45

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Frequently Asked Questions All Q&A

What is the shelf life of the hops?

Hop cones should be used in the harvest year, pellets can be used up to 3 years later if they are stored in refrigerated conditions, and extracts can be used up to 8 years after production if they are stored at temperatures between 0 and 5°C (32 and 41°F).

Where can I buy hops to plant in my garden?

Luxflors International in Scharrachbergheim.

Can we buys hops directly from growers in the region?

Hop growers in Alsace supply all their harvests to the cooperative, which permits them to collectively have sufficient volumes to meet brewer client demands.

What is the smallest pack size that you offer for your hops?

All the pellets sold by the Comptoir Agricole are available in pack sizes of 500g, 1kg  and 5kgs (1.1 lbs, 2.2 lbs, and 11 lbs). Cones are available in 1kg or 4kg (2.2 lb or 8.8 lb) pack sizes. All the products have been packed in aluminum bags, and under modified atmosphere, to keep them fresh.

What is the best packaging for hops?

Choose a multi-layered aluminum pack that will both protect the hops from exposure to light, and to oxygen.

Technical characteristics of the Strisselspalt hops variety

Strisselspalt has a delicate, pleasant and well-balanced aroma. It has citrusy, fruity, spicy and floral notes.
Thanks to its delicate aromas, Strisselspalt is ideal for late hopping or dry hopping.



Alpha acid1.8-2.5 %
Cohumulone20-23 %
Beta acids4-4.7 %
Colupulone35 %
Total Oil0.6-0.8 ml/ 100 grams
Myrcene35-52 %
Humulene12.5-21 %
Monoterpene59 %
Sesquiterpene41 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene2.06 %
Linalool7 mg/100 grams

Aromatic qualities Strisselspalt

Beer references

Map of Strisselspalt hop variety producers

Strisselspalt is the traditional variety which has been developed over several generations. Strisselspalt is grown by every producer in the Alsace region: it is perfectly suited to the local terroir.



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