Can we brew beer without adding hops?
What makes your hops different from the others?
How are hop pellets made?
What is CO2 Extract?
Where do you source your hops?
What is the shelf life of the hops?
Do you sell to amateur brewers?
What is the difference between a Type 90 Pellet and a Type 45 Pellet?
How are the hop cones and hop pellets packaged?
What is the best packaging for hops?
Which country is the biggest hops producer?
What does high quality hops imply?
When are hops harvested?
How can I estimate the quantity of hops that I need to add to my brew?
What does IBU mean?
Can we replace hops with another ingredient in the beer brewing process?
Is it mandatory to use organic hops in an organic beer?
Can we buys hops directly from growers in the region?
Does hop production in Alsace have a future?
Do you sell organic beer?
How can I brew my own beer?
How can I choose a hop variety?
Where can I get organic hops?
Where can I buy hops to plant in my garden?
What is the smallest pack size that you offer for your hops?
What is the "Au Fil du Houblon" for?
What types of varieties do you expect to bring to the market in the near future?
What is special about the Alsace terroir?
Why use cones versus pellets versus hop extract?
What does a hop variety that is higher in alpha acid levels do?
What does the alpha acid level mean?
Do you sell hop pillows?
Can I use both dried hop cones and pellets in my brewing process?
What are farmers doing to help the environment? What about for human health?
Are the organic hops treated with pest control products?
What is the difference between organic hops and conventionally farmed hops?
Can I also buy malt from you?
Can I buy hops from other countries from you?
What do hops do for the beer?
Are the hop cones sold here suitable for use in infusion tea (with sedative properties)?
Is it necessary to wash the hops before adding them to the beer?
Are the hops available only in a dried form, or do wet (fresh, undried) hops exist?
What is the difference between aromatic hops and bittering hops?
What are the storage conditions for hops?
How should the hops be stored once the bag is opened?
Are chemical products added during the pellet production process?
What is the difference between hop cones and hop pellets?



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