Terms and conditions of use

Scope of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

These General Terms & Conditions of Sale apply fully to the sales of all following products: hop in all its forms, including cones, Type 45 pellets and Type 90 pellets and CO2 extract, and PHA.
Any order placed implies the acceptance, without reservation, of these general conditions of sale which shall prevail over all other conditions, except those expressly accepted by the seller.


All orders must be confirmed by the vendor, in order to be taken into account.


Except where special conditions are specified during a sale, the cost of goods sold are those contained in the sales contract, shown in euros, and are stated without Sales Tax.
For deliveries outside the EU, prices are shown in euros, and exclude taxes and customs fees.
Invoices due are payable net without discount.

Late Payment Penalties

Pursuant to Article L.441-6 of the Commercial Code, penalties for delays in payment are due, in the absence of a settlement, from the day following the due date on the invoice.
The annual rate applicable for these penalties is as provided by the law.


The delivery time is given for information only and without guarantee. Exceeding this time can not give rise to any deductions or compensation.
The risks associated with the operation of product delivery are the responsibility of the vendor if the vendor organizes delivery. In case of transportion of goods by the buyer on his own, he undertakes to transport the goods safely and in accordance with laws and regulations.
Once the goods have been delivered, all product risks are transferred to the buyer.
The buyer should verify the conformity and absence of any defects on receipt of the  products ordered. If no complaint or reservation is made in this respect by the purchaser on the day of receipt of goods, such products can not be returned or exchanged pursuant to the provisions of article 1642 of the Civil Code.
The costs of any redelivery necessary due to a lack of presence of the purchaser at the delivery time specified or agreed with the seller will be charged to the buyer.


The seller retains ownership of the goods until full payment and the actual price by the buyer.
This provision does not prevent the transfer, upon delivery, of the risks of products sold.


The buyer uses the product under its own responsibility.


All disputes concerning the interpretation and execution of product sales will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Strasbourg.



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