Key figures

Alsace hops production: key numbers

Number of employees7Growing area420 ha (170 acres)
Volume collected750 tons (680 US tons)umber of producers58
Numbers of varieties12Share of total of the largest variety25%
Number of new varieties 20124% Aromatic varieties75%
Turnover2 M€ to 3.5M€ (1) (2.6M to 4.5M USD)Share of client market in European Union (EU)53%
Share of client market outside EU47%Storage capacity10 000 m² (107 600 sq. ft.)
Refrigerated storage capacity5500 m² (59 200 sq. ft.)R&D Investment200 000 €/year (260 000 USD/year)


(1)   Depending on the year and hops prices




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