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Share your experiences of brewing the Alsace hop varieties, and your opinions with us. We would like to know what you think.


If you would like to have your beer appear among our featured beers on the site, or want to showcase one of the beers that you brewed using our hops in our newsletter (a feature which would be approved by you), send us the technical details and graphics, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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For each hop delivery, a dedicated "lot number" helps to identify the crop year, the grower, and the hop variety.

Each terroir is capable of evoking particular aromatic characteristics, so brewers have the possibility to personally select their own hop "parcels", depending on their needs and preferences. We call this process "sampling".

The Comptoir Agricole considers that hops quality can be best judged by seeing the product for oneself, and encourages its clients to take advantage of hop sampling.

Would you like to test one of our hop varieties and discover its potential, or perhaps you're interested in developing a new commercial beer?
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Would you like to discover the hop varieties from the Alsace region over the course of a day or two? Depending on your availability and how much you would like to know, we organize guided visits in the region, and on our site, which allow you to understand all the processes and methods of hops production in Alsace, from growing through storage.


You will be able to discover for yourselves what the Comptoir Agricole stands for, and all the parallel activities to hop growing that the cooperative is responsible for, such as R&D, processing and sales.






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