A great classic. A German variety that was introduced in France in the 1990s following a number of trials that proved the variety's ability to adapt to French soil and climate.

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Technical characteristics of the Tradition hops variety

This variety was developed in Germany to replace Hallertauer Mittelfrüh. It was registered in 1993. When grown on Alsace terroir, the variety expresses herbal and floral notes in its aroma.



Alpha acid3.8-6 %
Cohumulone25-30 %
Beta acids3-5 %
Colupulone46 %
Total Oil0.9-1.4 ml/100 grams
Myrcene30-50 %
Humulene25-30 %
Monoterpene60 %
Sesquiterpene40 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene3.6-4.5 %
Linalool9 mg/100 grams

Aromatic qualities Tradition

Beer references

These beers use our Tradition hop:

Kronenbourg Fleuron d'Alsace

Fleuron d'Alsace

Beer recipes

Map of Tradition hop variety producers

Originally from Germany, the Tradition variety thrives in its adopted region. When grown the plains of the Rhine, this variety expresses all the gentleness of its flowery aroma. Approximately 100 hectares (247 acres) of production, with 3.9 hecatares (10 acres) dedicated to organic cultivation.