A marriage between fruit and flower. The second product from the French varietal reasearch program, the Triskel variety has inherited both the floral aroma of its mother and the fruity aroma of its father.

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Technical characteristics of the Triksel hops variety

Triskel is a cross developped in 2006 between the French Strisselspalt variety and the male plant of the English Yeoman variety.
Triskel has inherited the aromatic notes of Strisselspalt in a particularly pronounced manner. Its notes are fruity, citrusy and flowery. Its oil content makes for interesting potential in late hopping, and especially in dry hopping. At the same time, its alpha acid content also creates an interesting alternative for First Wort hopping.


Alpha acid8-9 %
Cohumulone20-23 %
Beta acids4-4.7 %
Colupulone43 %
Total Oil1.5-2 ml/100 grams
Myrcene60 %
Humulene13.5 %
Monoterpenes66-73 %
Sesquiterpenes27-34 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene2.5-2.8

Aromatic qualities Triskel

Map of Triksel hop variety producers

23 producers have chosen to grow this new, exceptional hop variety. It follows in the grand tradition of aromatic hop varieties from Alsace. Its resistance to diseases has been improved, which permits organic or sustainable farming cultivation (1 hectare, or 2.5 acres of production).



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