A bittering variety that thrives in Alsace. This American variety was introduced to France in the beginning of the 1990s in order to diversify the regional varieties, and to offer high alpha varieties in Alsace. 

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Technical characteristics of the Nugget hops variety

This variety was developped in the 1970s in the USA, and approved in 1982. It is a cross between Brewers Gold and a bittering male.
The Early Green and Canterbury Golding varieties feature in its geneology, among others. Nugget has an intense aroma, with strong "herbal" and "green" notes, which encourages certain brewers to use it for its aromatic qualities as well.



Alpha acid9.5-13 %
Cohumulone24-30 %
Beta acids3-6 %
Colupulone51 %
Total Oil1.5-2.3 ml/100 grams
Myrcene51-59 %
Humulene12-22 %
Monoterpene66 %
Sesquiterpene34 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene1.7-2.2 %
Linalool13 mg/100 grams

Aromatic qualities Nugget

Map of Nugget hop variety producers

The soil and climate in the Alsace region in France bring out certain unique aromatic notes in this variety. Nugget is cultivated on 19 hecatares (47 acres) by growers who have invested in this variety based on their experience and personal convictions. 2.10 hectares (5 acres) are dedicated to organic cultivation.



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