Brewers Gold

British composure in Alsace. Brewers Gold, which is an English hop variety, has been produced in Alsace, France since the 1960s. It is traditionally considered as a variety that imparts bitterness, but has responded to the Alsace terroir by losing some bitterness and increasing its aromas. The Alsace-grown variety is highly sought after by Northern French and Belgian brewers.

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Technical characteristics of the Brewers Gold hops variety

The Brewers Gold variety was developped in 1934 and became extremely popular in the 1950s thanks to Ballantine XXX ale.
Brewers Gold has balanced aromas with spicy and fruity notes, and with a black currant dominance. It lends itself to experiments with late hopping, and even dry hopping.


Brewers Gold

 Brewers Gold
Alpha acid4.5-6.5 %
Beta acids2.5-3.5 %
Colupulone61 %
Total Oil0.8-1.80ml/100 grams
Myrcene40-50 %
Humulene20-30 %
Monoterpene65 %
Sesquiterpene35 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene2 %
Linalool4 mg/100 grams

Aromatic qualities Brewers Gold

Map of Brewers Gold hop variety producers

Although its origins are English, Brewers Gold has become one of the traditional hop varieties grown in Alsace,where the deep, rich soil suits the variety perfectly. 9.5 hectares (23.5 acres) are currently in production with 1.10 hectares (2.7 acres) dedicated to organic cultivation.



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