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Technical characteristics of the Premiant hops variety

A variety developped in the Czech Republic from a cross between the Saaz variety, and probably another high alpha variety. It was registered in 1996.
Its aroma is more intense than classical aromatic varieties, hence its "dual-purpose hops" classification, but it is still pleasant, with citrus notes.



Alpha acid5.9-8 %
Cohumulone18-25 %
Beta acids3.5-5.8 %
Colupulone42 %
Total Oil1-2 ml/100 grams
Myrcene35-45 %
Humulene25-35 %
Monoterpene54.4 %
Sesquiterpene46 %
Humulene / Caryophyllene2.7-3.5 %

Aromatic qualities Premiant

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Map of Premiant hop variety producers

Premiant is grown exclusively at the Agricultural College in Obernai and using only organic cultivation (1.4 hectares, 3.5 acres).